When the saints go dancing in

Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal

A few posts ago I mentioned the Saints season in Lisbon, which took place around the 13th June (local holiday).

Well, I didn't missed it and brought some photos from the hotest day, the 12th June evening, where I had the chance to live this such unique (for thousands of people) event.

I must say I went to Alfama hill, one of the usual winners of the parade and where you can find in "literally" every corner: the decoration, the music and the sardines.

Forget fado, these days are meant to party. Leave sadness for the hangover...

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A walk along the coast line

Cascais/Sintra, Portugal

At only 40Km from Lisbon you reach Europe's southwestern edge in "Cabo da Roca".
A walk along the coast line will take you to some breathaking sites and will allow you to be the first to touch each Atlantic wave that reaches Europe.


Alison Jackson

Just a break in the regular travel pictures.

Take a look at this TED presentation by the photographer Alison Jackson who plays with concepts such as simulacra, hyperreality, beliefe/desbelief.

"Alison show us manipulated images of celebreties of what we imagine might go behind closed doors.We question the reality of the image, and hopefully this makes us question our unwitting tendency to believe everything we see in the media today." (in Invisible Red)


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