Barcelona, the place to inhale high doses of creativity

This was my first time in Barcelona. For years people told me loads of positive things and I kept in my memory pictures of strange houses, large squares (like everywhere else in Spain), different tiles, wide range of colours, wild nights, among other things. Well, I must say those things are quite true but I wasn't expecting so much creativity out there.

There are places you can catalog fast and many cities brand for that. Let's say, Paris for Lovers, Venice for honeymoons, Milan for fashion, London for theater, and so on. I would definitely catalog "Barcelona, get creative".

It's not only the Dali buildings, not only the ramblas, neither the daily fashion, the niche shops, or the hundreds of street artists... It's everything togehter. Add the topless at the beach, the life at the medieval streets, the thousands of happy mood tourists, the gay freedmon of expression, the colorful graffities on the doors (I'm not a fan of graffiti but I could read some respect when seeing only the metal parts of the old buildings being painted and not the walls), the pleasent bars at the beach, the crazy metal detector guy with water by the neck, the houses making you want to buy one just by a busy street to stare wonder this all.

Well, I must say this was a painfull week with high temperatures, millions of tourists and the thing I hated the most, the lousy water they drink there that keeps you thirsty (my oppinion). Except for that I think everyone should visit Barcelona, at least once, to know what creativity is.

Keep the random photos:

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