Under the Sun in Figueira-da-Foz

Figueira-da-Foz, Portugal
It's great how simple life can be sometimes...

Heidelberg Philosophers Pathway

Heidelberg, Germany
Brown and grey were the only two colours of the scene. But... who needed anything else? Surrounded by autumn patterns, fog was my only companion. A suspicious companion, I may say, that advised me not to go further into the unknown. Heidelberg is a student city with a very cosy environment waiting for your visit.

Manhattan from Staten Island Ferry

New York, NY, USA
Travel books say it's NY greatest bargain. And it really is!!! The boat trip from south Manhattan to Staten Island is free and give you an explendid view of the site and Liberty Statue. Here you can meet "locals" and mix with the crowd for 20 minutes. I even assisted an argue between a couple that required police intervention. Well... I consider NY a safe place to travel but... it still is New York! About the downtown, is amazing how some old (4 store) buildings survive there. Looks like a shiny summer day right? But it wasn't! 2 Cº and a dead cold wind. But loved to be there...

A beer at Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon can be very cold in winter time. Even though, a fresh beer is always a great company to appreciate the view from S. Jorge Castle. It's amazing how this photo represents the portuguese lifestyle... not only for the beer, but also for the sun, the esplanade, the relaxing attitude. The Lisbon experience!

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