Nikki and Gard

Congratulations to Nikki and Gard for their travel website. You will find a full and usefull report to the 35 and counting destinations they've been to.

Check their world map.

This is what I call live to travel!

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loving a life, life of the love

Chateux de Versailles, Paris, France

Loving a life, life of the love.

post by Mohammed Nadir


Magoito sand cliff

Magoito Beach, Sintra, Portugal

It really looks like a wall of sand ready to fall down on you. This endangered cliff draws erratic curves defined by the wind since 10.000 years ago and was millions of years ago at the sea level. It is an outstanding geologial remark to be visited... and preserved.

Rice Fields

Rice Fields, Mondego River, Montemor-o-Velho, Coimbra, Portugal

"Estavas, linda Inês, posta em sossego, De teus anos colhendo doce fruito, Naquele engano da alma, ledo e cego, Que a Fortuna não deixa durar muito, Nos saudosos campos do Mondego, De teus fermosos olhos nunca enxuito, Aos montes insinando e às ervinhas O nome que no peito escrito tinhas."

Camões, Os Lusíadas, III, 120.

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