snow changes

December, first snow fall. Both for the season and for me. No other weather phenomenon can produce such dramatic change in so few days. Ok, forget hurricanes and diluviums. Those are nature accidents. A rainfall brings new life to the vegetation, wind blows leafs away and can even throw branches or trees to the ground, an hot summer can, in a few weeks dry everything to the bone. They all cause changes. That’s life. That’s nature.

This path I have walked with my camera was a dark alleyway one week ago. I couldn’t distinguish the next curve unless I reached it. Resilient leafs were still hanging and covering my sight from other leafs. Shadows were hiding places I wasn’t supposed to see. I would feel being the first in weeks to walk that path.

With snow, everything changed. I wasn’t for sure the first of the day. The trail was telling me that. Only the most resilient leafs were standing and the shadows were now gone reflecting all of the day’s light. I could now see the curves and where they lead.

It kept snowing, many other leafs gave up, each curve now brings a new option and shadows became a new challenge.

Howald, Luxembourg

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At December 22, 2009 10:06 AM, Blogger Alex said...

Great photos... you must be a pro... ehehehehe

At December 22, 2009 12:10 PM, Blogger Cenourinha said...

Fogo, que inveja... I'm dreaming of a white Christmas... espero é que possam apanhar o aeroplane, que gauffres de aeroporto para o Natal não deve ser tão interessante... ;)


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