Pedra Ferida

This is becoming a tradition. Again this year, in the earliest days of January, I went for a nice walk to the portuguese country side. (see post for early 2008 walk)

This year it happened to be in Penela, 30 minutes drive from Coimbra after recomendation of one of the participants (and also author at this blog - Alex).

We were truly lucky has it had been rainning hard for the past days - reason why there is such a great water flow in the river - and not in that morning. By the moment we reached the car in our way home... guess what, it started rainning. :)

Enjoy the pics.

Pedra Ferida, Espinhal, Penela, Coimbra, Portugal

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The mist

The mist was growing in the mountains but inside, my mind was becoming clearer. As it slipped down the hill of the mountain it was as though the warm blanket of nature covered and protected us.
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