Guincho beach

Guincho beach, Cascais, Portugal

This not so small beach is close to the southwestern point of Europe, more precisely in Guincho beach (Cascais, Portugal). If you’re a windsurf or kite surf experienced, you probably have already heard of it. Sports apart, the small beaches attached, like this one, can give you a glance of a cosy beach full of hidden refugees for… well… you know what…

advertising experience

Advertising experience with CK One and Candle&Art.
Could be, don’t you think? :)

holding it's breath

Évora, Portugal
No glass, no lens no editing. Just chestnuts smoke holding it’s breath in the arcades of Évora, a city distinguished with the World Heritage of UNESCO. What a great weekend it was…

Winter calls

San Isidro (Ski Station), Leon, Spain
San Isidro ski station is located in north Spain, county of Leon, where “Picos de Europa” begin. Many people say this region is a wonderful place to visit in summer time. However, as pictures show, the beauty of the place is one of those that you could hardly fed up of enjoying from a winter window. Some people might say that this is just another picture of mountains and snow but for a seaside boy like me, this is all but common.

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