Buracas do Casmilo

Just another great morning. I suggested this place to my friend Luis because everyone that had been there told me that it was amazing, I myself never thought that it was that impressing. The photos can't express de size of those big holes in the mountains. Nature keeps impressing me.
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Track 1 at Serra da Estrela

A trully magnificent place Serra da Estrela in Portugal. This landscape just takes my breath away. I'd like to share this trail for anyone who wishes to follow:


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Taking a bath

Going for a bath was just what it felt like that day. Though it has a cold day and the water was freezing that was a fantastic place I found. A set of cascades each followed by a small dam were one could wash away the worries of the work. This place is called Cascata da Parede just next aldeia da Parede near Mortágua. Check it out.

For anyone interested I'm leaving here the GPS coordinates to get to this place.

latitude: 40.490950
Longitude: -8.293890

If you have any difficulties getting there just send me an email.
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