heavens cross

Who am I to question the faith of others and the signs through which they profess their religion? Not being a believer it seems strange that in that place suddenly I was filled with serenity and peace… just left to appreciate the view.

lost in the mountains

Some say that only going away for vacations in another country you'll find the wonders of the world. But how can that be when there's so much beauty so close to us. Nature plays a role here. No garden made by men could ever reproduce this place. I found this place in the middle of the mountains in a place know as Mata da Margaraça.

Other things are hard to explain. It may be hard to believe but when going to this place there are unbelievable magnetic forces that could make your car go up a hill alone. Believe me. I tried it and without pressing the accelerator it went uphill.



a look of a cat

I'd like to imagine that this would be the view a cat going for a stroll and enjoying the calmness and a sunny afternoon.


reflections of the sun

Standing all day up there, looking from above, I should only think that he would reflect on the craziness bellow and the peacefulness of a perfect rooftop made by the crazy people.


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