After sunset

Coimbra, Portugal

When winter days get shorter, day light must be lived even after sunset. At least that is what I seem to understand from those relutant leafs hanging from the tree.
Enjoy each second!
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Breathing rock

Porto da Cruz, Madeira Island, Portugal
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Mediterranean Paradise

Portinho da Arrábida, Setúbal

At only 45 minutes drive from Lisbon you can reach one of the most amazing Mediterranean scenary. Protected by the mountains and the prayers of an ancient monastery (Convento da Arrábida)this crystal water bay is a small paradise for the ones that enjoy the small pleasures of nature. Either arriving by car when you can enjoy a breathtaking first glace of the bay, from the top of the cliffs or - as far as I can imagine- by the sea, it always is a peacefull escape and a landscape from which you can never get tyred of.
Try having lunch at the restaurant over the water under a sunny sping day ;)
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Crossing Lines (2)

Tavarede Train Station, Portugal

Thankfully there are cross lines every where. The ones on the photo, shot minutes after sunset, belong to a small train station where you can either catch a train to the busy Lisbon and O'Porto or.. to the peacefull track lost in Mondego delta fields that lead to Figueira-da-Foz. Just a common place where you need to make the choice or allow life to do it for you.

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Crossing Lines (1)

New York City, USA

I believe you can tell that you have reached the center of the globe when you see all these crossing lines. Time was already running in this short visit to the big apple but the late effort to visit this pier payed off with the magnificency view of the south east side of Manhattan. I'm aware that this is not the dreamland to everyone but for my small existence, the dream is here. New York, New York...


Mysterious ocean...

Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal

I wasn't flying but could be. I wonder how can someone get in small boats and get lost from spot light to spot light. In fact, it never ends! You can always go further when sailing. Why stop? Why should anyone stop when there is always road ahead? Even though, so much sea is not for me. I would be pretty happy just to be in the other side. Preferebly in one empty spot light...
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