new heaven above

Just playing God, painting clouds in a way that you and me can't see but, with the proper software enhancement you can realize it's trully there.
By the way... have you realized it is always sunny up there? Why doesn't some one come up with a tour bus in those boring cloudy days to bring our energy up?

And you? Do you deserve it?

London, UK
If there is such thing as a melting pot, London and New York are the places. Unfortunantely I haven't travelled much furder to confirm this or not. Even though, and considering London, my most recent journey "outside", I must say there is a common denominator which is freedom. Freedom to be who you really are. No, I haven't assumed new sexual trends while there. However, you feel the two most different characters can live door by door and, even so, wave in the morning to each other or stand to each other in the traffic, each in its own vehicle - for which I mean bycicle.
Yes, I believe if you're open minded enough, you can live in such place. Better, you deserve it.

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