Postcard from Lisbon

Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal

This is my postcard for all of you who, for any reason, get to this blog.
Even though it's not my birth town, I'm living in Lisbon for some years now and I have to say I consider it a must for anyone who comes travelling ot Europe.
As the picture can tell, it can be considered very exotic and has a long historical record from roman remains to the great transformation due to the 1755 earthquake (9 degrees in Richter scale) and tsunami which have destroyed mostly the downtown and killed 10.000 inhabitants.
Don't miss it!

Ps - If you're planning to come, try doing it during the Saints festivities (around 13th June)
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Wanting what we cannot see

Sometimes I cannot see things that are right in front of me. Sometimes they’re too shiny for me to look, others too dark. This time I think I got the right balance. Doesn’t matter if it’s too dark or bright… it’s all there to feel.

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Surface of the moon

Looking out the window to the surface of the moon I let my mind drift. I had nowhere else to go and didn't want to leave. The cozy spot I had found for myself in made me feel protected from the wilderness out there… after all it was pouring outside.

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Assuncion, again

Assuncion, Paraguay

I've noticed through the blog stats (thank you Google for such good stats) that one of the most common words which drive readers to the blog is the term "Assuncion", the capital of Paraguay. I do have some photos in the blog of this amazing city and portuguese written text (sorry for the english readers but it would have been too painfull to write a travel diary in english...).

The second term is "Assuncion+shooping", as this is a very common place for brazilians go shopping (even though the most common is Ciudad del Este in the border).

Although I might disapoint some of this blog viewers with no shopping recomendations, I'm uploading some of the photos I didn't publish before.

Once again I must say that Assuncion, even considering the not very safe and healthy environment got stucked in my heart as it was, by far, the most exotic place I've been to. I wrote "exotic" because that what it really is... for me. Portugal, for instance, is exotic for Japanese tourists which I believe it's strange but makes me think about how relative the term "exotic" is.

Well, for me Assuncion (and Paraguay) was exotic. I felt like inside a movie figure planning a revolution or a UN worker getting into this new scenery. As I've refered in the portuguese written text, and for the ones who have ever played Tropico, this is pretty close to the virtual experience.

In resume, I whish I can go back there some day.
I would only ask to see less poverty...

(yes, you also have design in Assuncion and a very attractive museum)

Surf&Bodyboard Collection (II)

Cabedelo, Figueira-da-Foz, Portugal (27/05/08)

What a great free surf session!
I just did the shooting, the easy part.
Congratulations for the volunteer models who consistently allowed me these beautifull photos in a brief period of 15 minutes...
Who needs a championship when you have such quality surfers in a beach next to you?

PS - If you're one of the surfers, feel free to name your credits in the picture!
PS2 - I wish I had a longer lens...

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Alentejo wispering in my ear

Mértola-Beja, Portugal

Portugal is quite a small place, reason why you have an house, a road, a ruin or an electric pole almost everywhere. We do really lack "absolute" landscapes like in other places lie... where the territory goes over the 92 thousand square quilometers (35 thousand square miles).

Alentejo is the only place in Portugal where you can look to the horizon and se only... horizon...
It is peacefull and really cals you back to earth. It is one of those places that wispers gently in your ear claiming for additional time, a full weekend, a whole week, or even some years of your life.

You just feel like sitting relaxed and listening to the wind and the ocasional cattle.

These photos are from the southeast part, between Mértola and Beja.
Definitely a place to visit... and stay longer than a road trip.


water and life

Lisbon, Portugal

Maybe the seven days and the paradise apple issue started right hear, in the heart of Lisbon!
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self portrait

Lisbon, Portugal
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the swan

Lisbon, Portugal

I was "running" in a photo marathon this weekend and really enjoyed the preassure for great photos... which unfortunantelly I didn't get. However, it's amazing how you are forced to search for new perspectives within your daily environment.

How many swans have I seen before? Could I have shot this photo 6 months ago? Was John Shaw's book inspiring? I guess so :)
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Poppy in the field

Coimbra, Portugal

A Poppy (Papaveraceae) enjoying the remaining day light.
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